The Caseville Area Chamber of Commerce mission is to promote and advance the economic, professional, industrial, and civic environment of the Caseville area.

Becoming a Caseville Area Chamber of Commerce Member is the perfect way to get your business front & center. This chamber receives phone calls, emails, and walk-ins on a daily basis. Only chamber member listings are given to these "potential customers".

The Chamber is aggressive and valuable in supplying information to local residents & guests. This is done by having full time office staff to answer questions and provide information for phone calls, emails, and walk-ins. In addition, the yearly Caseville brochure, the chamber websites, and magazine, newspaper, radio and TV advertising are also very effective.

We welcome you to join the 150+ members of the Caseville Area Chamber of Commerce in helping to promote our wonderful area. The cost for the first year's membership is $100.

Tourism is so vital to our area!

It is necessary for businesses to get their names out to as many people as possible.
Besides supporting your community, benefits to becoming a Chamber of Commerce Member are:

Steve Louwers President

Levi Zagorski Vice President

Rob Pillsworth Secretary

Terri Born Treasurer

David Bouck Board Member

Julie Kreh Board Member

LaNette Wiese Board Member

Todd Talaski Board Member